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User Rates for Fiscal Year 2015

July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015

Internal Users:

User fees are used to offset the cost of service contracts, consumables and Center staff, all of which are needed to keep the equipment and the facility in good working order. We encourage all researchers who are planning to use the Center to include funds for use of the microscopes and support from Center staff in the budgets of their grant applications. Rates shown below are for Rockefeller University users and are per hour:

OMX 3D-SIM super-resolution system: $ 54.00
Nikon STORM/TIRF/FLIM microscope: $ 54.00
Olympus multiphoton microscope: $ 52.00
Leica confocal microscope: $ 49.00
LaVision Ultramicroscope: $ 49.00
Zeiss 780 confocal microscope: $ 49.00
Zeiss multiphoton microscope: $ 43.00
Zeiss confocal microscopes: $ 43.00
Spinning disk confocal microscope: $ 37.00
Olympus CellVoyager $ 25.00
DeltaVision: $ 37.00
Olympus IX71/DSU: $ 22.00
Olympus VivaView: $ 25.00
Zeiss Axioplan: $ 22.00
MMI laser microdissection: $ 26.00
Tissue culture/dissection microscopes: no charge
Workstations: $ 8.00
Staff assistance: $ 34.00*

Microscope rates are reduced to 25% of the above for long-term time-lapse experiments, according to instrument demand. The reduced rate applies once a user has been logged on to any system for 8 hours of continuous use, and applies for the rest of that session, as long as they remain logged on.

*Staff assistance, whether during training or in an assisted use microscope session, is in addition to the user fees for time on the microscope or workstation.

Rates for External Users:

Rates for external users are twice those shown above for internal Rockefeller users, except for instruments that are locally unique to the Rockefeller University such as the DeltaVisions, the OMX and the STORM system. These are charged at the internal rate.