Particle Sorting

Union Biometrica's COPAS™ large partical flow cytometers have been specially designed for the analysis, sorting, and dispensing of objects from 20 to 1500 μm. Based on the same principles as traditional flow cytometry, COPAS™ instruments differ from traditional flow cytometers in two important design areas: 1. The large-bore fluidics and flow cell can accommodate much larger objects than that of traditional flow cytometry instruments. Each of the four system platforms features a specially engineered fluidic path and flow cell optimized for specific object size ranges to achieve the highest measurement accuracy and sensitivity at the maximum speed and throughput possible. 2. The patented pneumatic sorting mechanism sorts objects with a gentle puff of air. This non-destructive sorting method permits the analysis and collection of live organisms, cells, tissues, or sensitive chemistries with a high level of recovery and a low level of lethality.

Five physical parameters are optically measured and recorded for each object of interest: