Registration and Use of the Rockefeller University High-Throughput and Spectroscopy Resource Center (HTSRC)

On a collaborative basis, and when resource availability permits, the HTSRC can support projects from academic institutions outside of Rockefeller or Weill-Cornell Medical College; however, the HTSRC does not currently support research in conjunction with for-profit entities.

HTSRC Extramural (non-Rockefeller/WCMC Principal Investigators) Project Initiation Steps

1) Schedule an informal meeting between HTSRC director and PI

2) Submit  a one paragraph project synopsis, and a one paragraph description of HTSRC resources needed, include also deadlines for completion and CV/qualifications for bench scientist involved.

3) Project review occurs within 3 weeks of submission, with criteria as follows:

Are HTSRC resources available?  Is the project feasible and are the goals achievable within stated timespan? Are the personnel qualified and capable of working at the HTSRC? A further meeting/phone conference with the PI and associated personnel may be needed.

4) Notification by email of Project accepted or declined.

5) The Collaboration Agreement (obtained for the director) must be signed by an institutional signatory (someone who legally represents the University usually in the Technical Transfer Dept), PI and bench scientist, and submitted to director of HTSRC within 3 weeks of step 4, otherwise the resources for the project are at risk of being reallocated.

6) If the agreement is accepted then training and project requests will be entered and tracked in HTSRC database and resources will be assigned, scheduled and the project will commence; a letter of support to granting agencies (if requested) can be issued as required.   In cases where funding is being sought to carry out the project, the HTSRC commitment to resources will expires after 8 months of issuance of the letter unless notice/updates are given by the PI.  The timely availability of future Resources may be limited by other commitments of the HTSRC. 

Account Creation

Click on this link to the PPMS online booking system. Choose Account Creation Request and fill in the appropriate information. Please be sure to include contact information for sending the invoices/charges. If you are not with Rockefeller University or Weill-Cornell Medical College please send your on campus I.P. address to and after 24 hours the link should be activated.

Training/Project Initiation

Once the account has been approved, please log in and agree to our center's guidelines and fill out a request (Training or Project).


Click the following link. Inquiries should be addressed to the director of the HTSRC.

After-Hours Access to the Center (normal hours M-F, 8:30AM-5:30 PM)

All after-hours users must obtain a Chemical Lab Certification

You will also need to obtain an ID badge by emailing with your name, institution of employment, job title, department/lab head name, and reason for requesting off-hours access to the center. You will then be cc'd on an email request to the head of security ( (212) 327-8506) to obtain an ID magnetic badge. You will need to print the email and go to room 102 Nurses Residence on Tuesdays (10AM to 11AM) or Thursdays (2PM to 3PM) to be photographed. Badges expire one year after date of issue and requests for extension should be addressed to the same email.