Professional Development for Educators

Teachers are at the frontline of education, and it is essential to provide resources and support that will help create a classroom environment that is dynamic and engaging.  The Science Outreach Department at The Rockefeller University would like to bridge the gap between scientists and science educators in the NYC area by offering a variety of professional development workshops and networking opportunities. 

Sunmer Mini-Courses for Science Educators

The goal of the RU Science Outreach mini-course series, which are 2-5 day trainings held during the summer, is to provide teachers with the materials and support needed to teach an engaging and dynamic science lesson for middle school and high school students.  Each mini-course will have a scientific theme (neuroscience, microbiology, genetics, etc.), and will always include core components on science literacy and critical thinking.   

The summer mini-course series is free of charge for educators who are admitted into the program. 

Summer 2015 mini-courses will be announced late spring, 2015.

Evening Workshops for Professional Development

In order to keep momentum going throughout the year, and build further relationships with science teachers in the NYC area, the Science Outreach Department will offer a variety of evening workshops.  The topics will include that which pertains to science literacy and critical thinking, as well as interactive components pertaining to science. Examples of topics will include, but are not limited to:

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