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RU 420: Ho, et al. A Novel and Quantitative Diagnostic Assay for Nucleic Acid-Based Markers.

RU 642: McKinnon, et al. A Novel Target for Modulating Calcium Ion Channel Function: The Voltage-Sensing Domain.

RU 762: Vosshall, et al. Novel Odorant Receptors in Insects and Uses Thereof.

RU 857: Strickland, et al. A Novel Strategy to Treat Alzheimer Disease and Related Cognitive Disorders.

RU 870: Sakmar, et al. A Novel Method for the Production of Nanoscale Membrane Particles.

RU 942: MacKinnon, et al. A Novel Target for Modulating the Kir Potassium Ion Channel: The Turret Domain.

RU 1179: Zamolodchikov, et al. A Novel Diagnostic Tool For Alzheimer's Disease Detection.